Communication Services

Hosted VoIP

VoIP is the preferred telephone system for most businesses at the moment, mainly due to it’s advantages of better quality of sound compared to older systems and useful features like transferring and holding calls and non-geographical numbers. It also runs using the internet which means there is no additional installation necessary unlike traditional telephony like ISDN.

Skype for Business

Instant Messengers are the newest way that employees communicate with each other within a business, moving away from the traditional method of email. This is especially convenient if a business already uses a software suite, as most do, as G Suite comes packaged with Hangouts and Office 365 comes with Skype for Business, their equivalent messengers.

The advantage this service has on email is it’s faster send time, encouraging more short messages rather than the overly common wall of text associated with email.

Carrier Pre Select

Many people believe that choosing a telephone provider is as simple as selecting one company to manage everything for you, but this way of thinking could be costing you a lot of money. Carrier Pre Select allows you to divert your calls through another company’s infrastructure, reducing your phone bills. This requires no additional infrastructure installation and can be arranged easily if you send us your latest phone bill so that we can try and find you a cheaper option.