IT Solutions

Desktop Hosting

If you have to work out of the office a lot, a hosted desktop may be a worthwhile investment for you. A hosted desktop means everything is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed by less powerful devices like thin clients. This is useful as thin clients are cheaper, require less power to run, allow you to roll out updates and new software quicker and are much more portable than normal desktops, allowing you to work wherever you are. Hosted desktops are also not limited to one person, meaning your entire office could make use of this useful system.

Application Suites

Every business can make use of an application suite of some kind due to the large quantity of useful programs they include for relatively small investment. The main two you’ll probably choose from are Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, both of which we can install and set up for you. Some of the main useful programs they offer are email, word processors and cloud storage with options for upgrades depending on what and how much you need and our willing to spend a month.

BCM Plans

To make sure you feel completely at ease using your IT, we can create a specialised Business Continuity Management plan for your business, explaining what we are doing to maintain your IT and what we will do if it does go down or is hit by a cyber attack. This is so that if you notice your IT is not working, you know that we are already prepared to start working on a fix.

Cyber Crime Prevention

Probably the biggest threat to your business, particularly if your an SME, is the risk of a cyber attack from hackers or fraudsters trying to steal valuable data and hold you to ransom for it. We employ a number of security methods on all our client’s systems in order to reduce the chance of a successful hacking attempt.

In addition, we backup all our customer’s data in order to mitigate any damage or loss that a successful attack could cause. This way, if any important data is stolen, we would have copies of it safely stored somewhere else, ready to be restored after insecurities are resolved.


Businesses waste a lot of time planning and doing other monotonous, repetitive tasks. That’s why every piece of software meant to streamline daily tasks is so sought after by business owners. Unfortunately, there is no software to speed up the relocation process, leaving business owners wasting a lot of time searching for and visiting possible new premises.

If you are planning to move to a new location but don’t want your productivity to suffer, ask us for help. We’ve experienced several office moves of our own company and others, meaning we are well equipped to assess what you need and find a place which provides it.