IT Support

Support Packages

We try to give our clients as much choice with their support packages as possible, after all, they are paying for it, so they should get want they want. That’s why we offer two packages, hour-by-hour and unlimited. Hour-by-hour lets you choose exactly how many hours of support you’ll need every month, and only pay for that. That way, you’re never paying too much for time you don’t need.

Our second package is unlimited, letting you call our help desk as many times as you want, so you’ll never be left without support. Both packages are free to be altered whenever you want, just tell us before the start of the next month and it’ll be changed.

System Monitoring

To make sure your systems are running smoothly 24/7, we use a modern system monitoring software allowing our trained engineers to watch over your systems at all times. This way, repairs can begin as soon as something goes wrong, keeping your business productive and limiting downtime as much as possible.

On-Site Support

If you are based in or around London, you can take advantage of our experienced and qualified engineers for on-site visits if remote support is not enough to solve your issue. In addition, if you book a certain amount of time and the issue is resolved before all that time has been used, the engineer is available to stay and work on miscellaneous IT problems until you have made use of all your booked time.

IT Consultancy

If you are not experienced in IT but need to make use of it, like most businesses, you may need someone knowledgeable in that area to help you make certain decisions. This could be anything from what kind of hardware upgrades to invest in to whether you should use Macs or PCs to which software could heighten business productivity. Many of our staff have over a decade’s experience in IT, and so are very capable of offering advice to your business.